Black and White Photos

There’s something about the black and white photo that color photos simply don’t have. And, I believe, black and white photos didn’t used to have it, either. I think that with the advent and rampant proliferation of color photos today, particularly the super-saturated, glossy glitz we see so much of, the impact of a black and white image is different than what it once was.

For me, the beauty of the image is in its simplicity; fewer elements tend to work well in black and photos, and that lack of competition between competing elements sort of slows the world down a little it’s a little quieter than the noisy bustle of busy, colorful photos.

So I put this selection of images together for a quieter time; the peaceful feel of those moments in the wilderness comes back a little less vigorously but perhaps a little more completely through these photos. I hope you enjoy them.

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