Grizzly bear photo

Grizzly Bear, Ursus arctos.

Grizzly Bear Photo

I was actually set up in my truck waiting for some ducks to come closer. The pond just ahead of me had a variety of waterfowl on it, Grebes, Scaups, Swans, Mergansers, and more. I was waiting for them to drift a little closer so I could try to identify as many of the species as I knew when I looked in the side mirror of my truck and saw this young grizzly bear just behind the vehicle.

Not 15 feet from the rear of my truck he was standing by the side of the road, sniffing the ground and vegetation in front of him. I quietly grabbed my camera gear and tried to catch a few images of him, before he disappeared into the brush, as silently and suddenly as he’s appeared. I was pretty glad I hadn’t been sitting in my blind by the side of the pond when this guy walked by!

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