Female Canada Lynx photo

A female Canada Lynx in snow

A female Canada Lynx in snow

OK, it’s far from the greatest Canada Lynx photo around; but it’s my first ever lynx photo, and the only one I’ve ever taken in the park.

This was from my first winter in the park, when I stayed at the Shack. I was driving down the road when I spotted this young female lynx in the snow on the side of the road. I gradually pulled to a stop, and then reversed down the road back to where I’d seen her. Fortunately for me, the lynx was still sitting there, patiently, watching. I was able to get my camera gear out of the bag and take a couple of images; I then tried to move a little for a better composition, but she’d had enough of my theatrics and quickly moved off into the woods. I was pretty happy, regardless; it’s not every day one sees a Canada Lynx!

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